GCC S.A. b/Poland


P.P.H.U. VECTOR s.c., situated in Gorzów Wielkopolski at ul. Andersa 8e/20, is a reliable company with an extensive experience in the construction industry.

This view is confirmed by our cooperation on the expansion of a storage facility with a footprint of 1300 m2 for the investor FAURECIA Gorzów Wielkopolski. We subcontracted reinforced concrete works to P.P.H.U. Vector s.c. The scope of work included building of foundations as well.

All the works at the site were carried out in an efficient and careful manner. They were completed on time, reliably, according to the rules of art and the best technical knowledge, standards and regulations.

We recommend this company as a solid and professional construction works contractor.


Christophe Maquenhem
Technical Director – Export